Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you sell art prints?

A: Yes, I do! You can find my art prints in my Society6 shop:
There are also many other print products available such as wall tapestries, tote bags, carry-all pouches, iPhone cases, pillows, t-shirts, notebooks, etc. Feel free to suggest one of my pieces for a print if it isn’t available yet!

Q: Do you sell originals?

A: Yes, some of my traditional work is available for purchase. Sketchbook work and any digitally completed pieces are only available as prints. Send me email to to find out the availability and price of a particular artwork you have in mind!

Q: What art medium do you use?

A: There is no easy answer to this, because I work with so many different art media and techniques – and my favorite ones tend to change every now and then.

Sketchbook drawings are usually done using pencil, eraser and different ink pens (brush tip pens, Micron pigma ink pens, Copic liners, Stabilo point pens, or such).

Watercolour paintings are done with various brands: my current watercolour set are mixed pans from Schmincke and Rembrandt. I often use masking fluid to create negative space / highlights on a traditional watercolour piece. Ink painting backgrounds are done with Copic Various Ink. I often use mixed media with my traditional work, for example combining ink + coloured pencils, or watercolour + ink pens, or whatever seems to work.

I also often edit my works digitally, or combine traditional and digital media to create a piece. I may combine different separately scanned traditional elements (like ink drawing and watercolour texture) into one piece digitally, and continue working with the piece in Photoshop using layers. I may add or cange the colours digitally on a traditionally done sketch. And sometimes I make completely digital paintings or even vector art, occasionally.

Different art techniques have so different advantages and general feel to them, so I tend to choose the medium based on each publication, project or client I’m working with. With my personal art I just use whichever tools seems most fitting with the visual idea or subject that I have on my mind.

Q: Have you ever considered illustrating storybooks?

A: I have worked as a professional illustrator since 2013, and I’ve illustrated several children’s and fantasy books. I especially enjoy illustrating fairy tales, fantasy stories, mythology and stories where nature plays an important role. Most of the books that I’ve illustrated so far are published only in Finnish.

Q: How about commissions?

A: Yes, I currently work as a freelancer and I’m interested in new projects! I mostly work for publishers and companies, but I’m willing to consider private commissions as well. Kindly send me email to and describe the project you need illustrations for, if you’re interested in hiring me for a commission. The pricing depends on various factors, such as the quantity, size, subject and complexity of the illustrations, as well as the extent of the image copyrights you are interested in purchasing, so make sure to cover these details before asking how much it will cost. Thanks!